Lola Noir

Warsaw-based burlesque performer, cabaret singer, amateur pin up model, writer, glitter addict.


Edie Campbell by Liz Collins for Elle France September 2014


She was crowned as “Papessa of Burlesque” during the last edition of the Caput Mundi Burlesque Award! White skin, red lips and winking eyes! Yes sir we’re talking about #BETTYQ ! And she’ll perform @ the Caput Mundi Burlesque Award in the international showcase!


She draws her inspiration from the early 20th century entertainment and produces the acts that are altogether nostalgic, funny and beautiful like the old movies she loves! We’re so glad to present you, straight from Mosca Anja Pavlova - Аня Павлова @ the Caput Mundi Burlesque Award 2014!

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Her effervescent personality and twinkling smile will have you floating on air! Her favourite drink is champagne (of course), and she loves anything
that glitters! She lives to perform and wants to get you out of your seat! Ladies and gentlemen straight from Berlin for you #ChampagneSparkels


Lilyan Tashman in a still for the silent film Bright Lights (1925)


New classic monster powernet garter belt.


María del Rosario Mendoza(Rossy Mendoza) vedette, actriz, bailarina y cantante mexicana del cine de los 70s 

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Dita Von Teese


Dita Von Teese

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